Structural Waterproofing

Overmass & Chapple are probably the South Wests’ most experienced structural waterproofing specialists.

Structural Waterproofing is the treatment of structures or parts of structures  which are below ground level, these areas include basements and cellars of which maybe completely or partially enclosed by earth. Or where adjacent or adjoining properties are constructed at different levels. The purpose of Structural Waterproofing is to provide a  dry internal environment which is dependant on the  intended use of the building.

Our proposed solution will  depend upon a combination of the intended use of the basement or area being water proofed and the method of construction and the condition of the substrate.

BS 8102, ( The  Code of Practice for protection of structures against water from the ground), identifies four grades of water  proofing

Grade 1 – car parking, plant rooms, workshops
Grade 2 & 3 – Domestic and commercial use
Grade 4 – Archives storage

Subject to you specific requirements and site conditions our water proofing solutions will include:

  • Cementitious renders and slurries
  • Cavity membranes
  • Epoxy Coatings

  • Seamless sheet applied membranes